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Technology - Distributed Symmetric Multiprocessing

Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) supercomputers with large shared memory and single system image, are perfect for Big Data, high-performance computing applications with large in-memory needs. Symmetric Computing Departmental Supercomputers are large shared-memory, many-core, SMP computers. To programmers, they present as a single large memory Linux box with hundreds or thousands of cores. Programmers can use standard threading packages to get access to all the cores and all the memory. With our supercomputers, programmers do not need to worry about message passing interface (MPI) programming, which is what supercomputing clusters and other distributed memory systems demand. There is also no need to build complex file-access program components; programmers can just read a big dataset into memory and access it directly.

Our Departmental Supercomputers are built from a cluster of state-of-the-art, off-the-shelf (OTS) server hardware, connected by Infiniband, leveraging remote direct memory access (RDMA) capabilities. Deparmental Supercomputers come with a standard Linux OS distribution that includes our patented Distributed Symmetric Multi-Processing (DSMP) extensions to the Linux kernel. The DSMP Linux kernel transforms the cluster into a single system image, shared memory, many core supercomputer. This is done without the need of expensive proprietary hardware or using a slower, much less efficient hypervisor implementations.

Symmetric Computing's DSMP Linux kernel extenstions provide large shared memory, many core SMP computing with both economy and performance.


Download the White Paper describing our DSMP Linux Kernel Extension.