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The Direct Connect Family of Departmental SuperComputers

True Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) supercomputers with large shared memories and single software images, these departmental supercomputers are perfect for Big Data, high-performance computing applications with large in-memory needs. The Direct Connect Family are right-sized, rack-mountable systems packed with up to 320 Opteron™ cores and 5 TB of RAM. Each family member is a shared memory supercomputer formed by direct infiniband interconnections and our patented breakthrough DSMP™ technology. The five family members range from 128 cores and 1 TB memory up to 320 cores and 5TB memory.
Download the Direct Connect Product family Brief.

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Ideal for high-performance supercomputing (HPC), the Trio™ Departmental Supercomputer is a 12-socket, 96 DIMM slot, Linux server that offers an excellent balance of processor density, large Shared-memory and value in a space-saving 6U form factor.

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Ideal for high-performance supercomputing (HPC) applications that demand large shared memory but 128 or fewer cores, the Duet™ Departmental Supercomputer is an economical 8-socket, 64 DIMM slot, Linux server that offers an excellent balance of large shared-memory and value in a space-saving 4U form factor.

The Private Cloud Server

The Private Cloud Server is designed for small and medium businesses that require a Windows file server / VPN that is securely accessible from both inside and outside of the office. It provides an upgrade path for organizations that currently rely on Dropbox or other internet based file services to share data between multiple devices. The Private Cloud Server is built with an enterprise grade chassis that is quiet and suitable for an office environment. It features an Intel E5-1630 3.7 GHz processor and 32 GB of memory. It comes preloaded with the Windows 2012 Server Essentials, providing a robust, cost effective cloud operating system. The primary disk drive is mirrored to ensure the highest level of protection for your data. The Private Cloud Server is a powerful, low maintenance, cost effective solution for your business.
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Attention Businesses and Organizations in the Greater Boston Area. We are offering this server as part of our Small Business Private Cloud IT Package. This includes the server, installation and support.
Download the Small Business Private Cloud Brief.