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Customer Support

24/7 Support

Symmetric Computing's customer support offerings are designed to complement and enhance your supercomputer. Pairing your Symmetric Computing supercomputer with these proactive services, you maximize the availability of supercomputing resources for your critical projects.

This is service with a difference. We focus on preventing downtime instead of simply providing a remedy after the fact, as so many others do. And, our coverage options meet a spectrum of availability needs cost-effectively.

Enhanced Support Service

Our most popular customer support option for your supercomputer is our Enhanced Service Plan. We offer both single year and 3-year Enhanced Service Plans. Pre-paid 3-year Enhanced Service Plan contracts are offered at a substantial discount.

With our Enhanced Service Plan, you receive 2-hour callback 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the length of your contract. And, our certified technical experts will be available to you for technical assistance and can, with your permission, remotely login to your supercomputer and diagnose issues.

Should a hardware issue prove to be an issue, our certified technicians will immediately ship you (a) replacement part(s) via expedited air express. For most circumstances (which is understandably dependent upon the best available Air Express carrier's schedule), you will receive your replacement part(s) within one business day. When you receive your replacement part(s), you need only to send the original part(s) back to a pre-arranged depot in the pre-paid shipping packaging that we send along with replacement part(s). We have designed your supercomputer so that only easy-to-handle Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) are replacement parts.

We want you to use our latest software. Having our customers on our latest software simplifies service and support complexity. So, we make our latest software revisions available to you. An Enhanced Service Plan entitles you to our Software Subscription Service, which unlike other computer manufacturers and software makers, includes BOTH major and minor releases– that is, ALL shipping releases!

Standard Warranty

Because we want to make sure your new supercomputer becomes fully operational as quickly as you do, each Symmetric Computing supercomputer comes standard with 30 days of 2-hour call back with telephone technical assistance/remote login during normal business hours. Should a hardware problem occur, we provide each supercomputer with a one-year return-to-depot hardware warranty.

We want you to use our latest software, so unlike other computer manufacturers and software makers, we provide each supercomputer with a full year of our software subscription service -- entitling it to ALL our shipping releases, including major versions!

Extended Warranty

For an additional fee, you can extend your Trio's return-to-depot hardware warranty and software subscription service beyond one year to three years.

Trio Service™ Plans

Standard Warranty Extended Warranty Enhanced
Software Subscription 1 year 3 years 1-3 years
Hardware Return to Depot 1 year 3 years 1-3 years
Expedited Air Express for Replacement Parts No No: 1-3 years
Telephone Technical Assistance/ Remote Login Normal Business Hours (Eastern time zone) 30 days 30 days 1-3 years                   
Tier 1 Phone Support/ Remote Login Outside Business Hours (Eastern time zone) No No 1-3 years
2-Hour Call Back 30 days (Eastern Time Zone Normal Business Hours) 30 days 1-3 years